Proactive & Smart Lifestyle

Our mission is to make it simple for people to choose an Eco-friendly lifestyle. Our role is to prevent the damage that the construction industry produces to the planet. We propose to implement new building strategies with clean production; No-waste technology; Best available technology (BAT) and Best environmental practice (BEP).

We aim to reduce to Zero GHGs emissions and waste; and to produce own energy during the operation of the building.

Eco Proactive buildings with intelligent sustainable off-grid solutions for «Zero emissions» way of living.


We live in a finite and wasted world

We owe our children a better and sustainable world.

“Increasing population, decreasing environment”

  • 8 billion by 2024 and 10 billion persons in the year 2056
  • Human demand on the planet is more than 50 percent larger than nature’s capacity to renew.
  • Residential activities are involved in 32% of the waste produced by human beings.
  • Construction industry responsible for more than 34% of total GHG emissions in the planet.

Climate change crisis is a reality!!!

Our commitments:

  • Global Climate Change, Paris-COP21
  • Norway, Carbon neutral economy by 2050


A multicultural group of individuals from different backgrounds with a same dream and vision, working alongside with our many partners towards a sustainable way of living

Diego Botero-Cabal, PhD. CEO 

Architecture PhD, Sorbonne, Paris. Master Urban Planning & Landscape Architect, CCNY, New York. Architect DESA, Paris.  Designer, planner, manager, university teacher, sustainability researcher. CEO Snøhetta AS-DBC & Asocs. Consortium, Oslo. Urban Planner & Landscape Architect, Security Pacific Realty Advisory Services. (Bank of America), New York. Architect & Urban Planner, M. Paul Friedberg & Partners, New York.

Liv de Botero, COO

BFA Surface Design, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. Interior Design, Ecole Supérieure des Arts Modernes. Paris. Art and Design, Istituto per l’arte e il retauro, Florence. CEO/Designer, Our Stories. Oslo. Director of Design and Product Development, Kid Interior, Oslo.  Senior Buyer – Team Leader, Varner, Oslo. Category Director, Panoramagruppen, Oslo. Interior Design Consultant, Designers Guilds, Oslo. Store Manager, JKE, Oslo.

Ivar Haaland, Business Developer

M.Sc. Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Bedriftsøkonom from BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo. Long tenure as Senior Manager & Consultant/Advisor in business & strategy development in petroleum, energy, and technology companies & startups, including energy transition/climate change abatement and carbon capture and storage. Additional interests in investment and property development activities.